I hope you are all well, and I hope what I am about to share with you can help you or someone you care about.

A neurologist friend called me in the middle of the Coronavirus, referring me to “Susan”, one of his patients. She is 39 years old and five months pregnant. She is having severe migraines and severe tension in her neck and shoulder muscles. Dr. C asked me to visit her in her home during these uncertain times.

The next day after the call from Dr. C, I visited Susan at her home. She did have severe tension in her trapezius and scalene. It was affecting the right side of her head and forehead.

I did acupuncture on the front and back of her body to completely treat her whole-body migraine, circulation and muscle tension. It took about 2 hours as I also added a special Meridian Massage, which she loved! Combining both revealed the severe tension in her neck and shoulder as she said, “wow, I can totally feel the difference; it’s loose now.”

Susan did not have another migraine for a week; she used to have one every day.

I also recommended nutrition changes that can help to support her circulation during pregnancy.