So, we are on our computers, stressing over this “Safe-At-Home” order, confined in our spaces, which we have never experienced. It is genuinely not bringing out the best in us, but on the other hand, we are getting work done, being very productive, and creating a SAH lifestyle we can manage and cope with for the time being.

Work from HomeSome of my patients created a STRUCTURED DAILY SCHEDULE to feel like they are getting work done. Other patients are working from home and homeschooling their young children. Others seem to work better without structure and do chores and work throughout the day as best as possible, so they don’t stress out and keep calm.

I have noticed that my neck and shoulders are tighter because we are tensing up more than usual under these extremely unusual circumstances.

So, I have been using my massager at home as much as I can. Those of you that have come in recently or years ago have seen my Jeanie Rub Industrial Massager? Well, it is like the best thing right now!! If you have a massager at home, this is the best time to take it out and use it.

Whether you have someone in the house with you or you’re alone, we need stimulation; we need touch, we need circulation, we need movement!!

The massager has many positive effects. It will assist in your vascular support to move the blood circulation better. It will also help with your lymphatic drainage system. If you have the infrared light on it, that can help with further blood circulation. Some research says that the light helps to kill bacteria and viruses. Our skin can use touch under high-stress levels like these!

I start with the bottom of my feet for reflexology effects, and then I move up from the feet, part by part. I do my lower, mid, upper back by putting the massager against the back of my couch to support the massager as I am moving my back into the massager to reach the three different areas of my back!

Then I put the massager on one side of the shoulder, let it sit there for a few minutes, then move it to the other shoulder. I do all around the neck too.

I added to the protocol that I also do my chest area to work on heart energy release.  I do the lung/chest area to release any stress I am holding onto from seeing patients and leaning forward all the time.

One of the best things I have added is to massage the stomach area! My patients LOVE this; it is very relaxing and calming. It literally flattens my stomach within minutes If I am bloated. Of course, I am also taking probiotics and enzymes every day.