At Home Acupressure Points for You to Use!

Over the last 20 years, I cannot tell you how many patients I have supported with stress management. Some are white-collar men and women in powerful positions in law, entertainment or they are medical doctors. Others are highly stressed students in very competitive private schools. I have supported superstars with crazy deadlines for a movie or book deals. Asian medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, herbs, supplements and vitamins were all able to help in a deeply integrative way for almost all of my patients. I am so grateful that I was able to help and assist them.


During these devastating COVID-19 pandemic times, I decided to start messaging all of you so that I could be of service somehow and provide information you can possibly use for yourself and your family members.

For those of you going through more anxiety than usual, please take this opportunity to practice the breathing techniques that we do during treatment! Breathe in through your nose slowly, breathe out through your mouth slowly, nothing too deep, nothing too shallow, keep your mouth slightly open and let the jaw be comfortable slightly open as well. Try 50-100 breaths or until you feel the calm settling in your body and mind.

You can also try acupressure points that I teach at times.

  • Pericardium nei guan, three fingers from the wrist, and press there for a few minutes throughout the day.
  • Another acupressure point for calming is in between your eyebrows, yin tang. You can press on this for a few minutes while breathing through your nose, while doing the breathing mentioned above.
  • At the same time, you can use both hands and press on your temples and rub in clockwise along with yin tang This affects the brain and neurological alignment, calms, and resets your thoughts and emotions.
  • Another pressure point you can use is myung dang when you are lying down; it is in between your chest at the nipple level. Massage this area for a few minutes as you are again breathing; it is a very relaxing point.

This will be a good start for you to de-stress!

After these points, take a hot bath with Organic Epsom salt if you can. Otherwise, take a hot shower and rub some Epsom salt on your body at the end to remove, cleanse and reset your energy to a positive and improved state of mind.